legendary healing traditions
ith its unique geothermal hot springs, this region has for centuries been an important place of healing & gathering. Native Americans used these springs as a neutral healing ground after battles referring to them with reverence as ‘Grandmother’ because of the soothing and beneficial properties of the waters. Today people from across the globe, arrive to take part in the natural healing power of these fabulous springs.
At Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa, we tap the source of the healing waters to provide pure untreated geothermal waters to the spa’s multiple private pools. The waters rise at temperatures as high as 107° Fahrenheit and have a particularly beneficial (and odorless) combination of over 35 minerals, each offering a specific healing property. We honor the tradition of the waters providing a sanctuary to heal the body, ease the mind & revitalize the spirit.
Mineral Baths
All baths are prepared by reservation especially for you, we provide towels and water
Visitors can enjoy a 30 minute soothing bath for $30 (1-2 people), and $5 for each additional person
For Lodge guests a private mineral bath is included for each day of your stay
All Spa treatments include a private mineral bath